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Looking for Furnace or Heating System Installation in the East Bay Area?

Keeping your California home or business heated requires proper sealing and insulation but also a reliable heating system—one that’s affordable and meets your needs. CM Mechanical makes it easy to find the right small- or large-grade heating system for your home or commercial environment. We’ll discuss your needs, inspect the spaces you want heated, and give you options that fit your priorities and budget. Having the right system can improve your air quality, save you money, and enhance your comfort control.

When it’s time to replace your Furnace, or install a new system, call CM Mechanical. We’ve helped East Bay residents and businesses stay comfortable year round.

We take pride in helping our Fairfield and surrounding east bay area customers select, install, and maintain top brand solutions. Our promise to you is 100% satisfaction on every job. That’s why the Bay Area has trusted CM Mechanical since for its Heating and Furnace Installations

What We Provide Our Customers

A Free Home Estimate

Our technicians are happy to stop in to observe and diagnose your existing system, offering energy auditing services and load calculations to evaluate how much energy your home is using—and how much heating and cooling your home actually requires from a new unit. This can make a big difference when deciding whether to upsize or downsize your existing, rundown furnace.

Expert Brand Advice

CM Mechanical has years of experience in residential HVAC with expert knowledge of top brands. We give you the right recommendations for your home heating needs to balance comfort, cost, and energy efficiency.

Home Delivery & Installation

An experienced, licensed HVAC technician will install and start up the new furnace in your home. We promise you’ll be thrilled with our visit and back it up with our 100% buyback guarantee.

Yearly Service & Maintenance
( First Year Free!)

We recommend annual maintenance for every furnace. CM Mechanical has developed a thorough 24-point tune-up to clean and calibrate your furnace guaranteed to have it in peak condition for winter, wherever you call home in the range of California climates.

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Why Choose CM Mechanical?

Trust your next Heating installation to the experts at CM Mechanical, Air Conditioning & Heating. Our specialists are experts in all types of Furnaces, from top brands.
Fairfeild and East Bay has counted on us for Heating service because we:
  • Owner On-site for each install
  • Are always professional and friendly
  • Are available to you for Furnace repairs and maintenance
  • Give you a 100% guarantee—and we always do the job right the first time
  • Are HVAC system experts for testing, sealing, certification, design, and load calculation
  • Give you free estimates on replacing HVAC equipment
  • Help you save money with energy company rebates

Common Questions

Typically, you should replace your furnace every 15-20 years or when it exhibits any of the following signs:

Numerous repairs are needed every season. If you need more than two furnace repairs in any season, there is no question you need a furnace replacement. Even if you’ve had repairs any time in the last two years, you should consider an upgrade or new furnace installation.
Your heating bills are going up. Despite fuel costs steadily rising year over year, your heating bills shouldn’t creep up that much. If you notice a large increase, you need to get a new furnace.
Your gas furnace flame is always yellow. If it never turns blue, even after cleaning, then you need to call a heating contractor to have a look.
You notice a reduction in air quality. If you or your family have noticed a decline in air quality in your Plano area home, it could very well be your furnace. When your family’s health is at stake, it’s always best to play it safe and get a new furnace installed.

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