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CM Mechanical Solutions offers complete HVAC Services for your business. Whether your a small office building or a large built up HVAC system, we have Solutions to meet your needs. Services include the following below

Preventative Maintenance

Scheduled routine maintenance to reduce break downs and extend the lifespan of your HVAC Investment. Typical PM’S Include replacing air filters, cleaning coils, clearing condensation drains, test & cycle operation of system, and much more.

Preventative Maintenance  Improve indoor air quality, reduce risk of HVAC system failure, and lower operating cost. See if you qualify for any Energy Rebates (Energy Star, PG&E, & More), Call us Today to find out!

New System Installation

Typical Life expectancy of a commercial HVAC system is 15-20 years, if properly maintained. While our goal is to keep your equipment running as long and efficiency as possible, there comes a time when budgeting for new equipment makes more financial sense when you include energy savings, rebates and other factors.

Tenant Improvement

Tenant Improvement can vary from Relocating a thermostat to relocating an entire system. Contact Us for your specific project needs

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